VOS Spanish Language School

Had 5 days of Intensive Spanish at VOS Escuela.  I now know how much I don’t know.  The school is really close to the apartment on Paraguay.  I have no excuse for being late only for being unprepared.

I have had 3 different teachers which is great because my ear gets to hear variations on the Spanish theme.  There is only one other student with me.  Lawrence who is a nice young man from Great Britain.  I actually understand him better in Spanish than English.

Other students in classes are from Australia and Germany.

Friday the school had a little as asado (barbecue) on the roof.  Delicious and social..

Lots more to share but just getting started…

Here are some photos!!!

Adios to all…ImageImageImageImageImage


One response to “VOS Spanish Language School

  1. What a lovely experience. Also the setting of the school seems welcoming and conducive for learning. I love the green chairs! Bet the asado (barbecue) was delish!

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